About Us


The mission of Affirmative Ventures, Inc. is to create business opportunities and development opportunities by assisting in the process of strategic plan development for business owners, municipalities, corporations and entrepreneurs.


Affirmative Ventures, Inc was founded in 1998 as a joint-venture cooperative with the purpose of creating partnerships that match community development opportunities and business development opportunities with financing from interested investors and financial institutions.

Since 1998 Affirmative Ventures has evolved into a consulting firm that advises municipalities, institutions, corporations and private clients on their business development projects. Such projects range from real estate acquisition, real estate development and business management needs.

Our goal at Affirmative Ventures Inc. is to take your need, your idea or your opportunity and make it a successful venture for all involved. Our success is built on listening with a “How to make it happen” attitude. We believe that many great ideas are left on the drawing board because most attitudes focus on why it will not work.

“At Affirmative Ventures, Inc our mandate is to only participate in opportunities that create a win-win outcome for our clients, investor/financial institution, community and our company.”

— John Howard, President and CEO