Current Projects

Affirmative Ventures currently has the following joint-ventures in process and are providing consulting or construction services on behalf of the property owners or developers for the projects below:


Jefferson Street Jefferson Street – Business Development Consulting Project
3rd Avenue 3rd Avenue (Germantown) – Business Consulting Consulting Project
Fern Avenue Fern Avenue (East Nashville) – Construction Project
Hummingbird Lane Hummingbird Lane (Bordeaux) – Construction Project
Clarksville Highway (Bordeaux) Clarksville Highway (Bordeaux) – Real Estate Development Consulting Project
Jefferson Street (Downtown Nashville) Jefferson Street (Downtown Nashville) – Real Estate Development Consulting Project
Romano Way Romano Way (Brentwood) – Construction Project
Nottaway Drive Nottaway Drive (Brentwood) – Construction Project
Alpine Court Alpine Court (Franklin) – Construction Project
McKain Crossing McKain Crossing (Hendersonville) – Construction Project