Who We Are

Welcome to Affirmative Ventures

Affirmative Ventures is an integrated construction and real estate development consulting company that specializes in consulting in business analysis, business development, property acquisition and property development.

Affirmative Ventures leverages experience, industry experts and a variety of business relationships to provide the best opportunity for their clients to be successful with each project.

We believe at Affirmative Ventures that we have created a proven format that can take your Vision and turn it into a successful Venture.

From construction solutions, to commercial development, and many business ventures in between, Affirmative Ventures incorporates strategic plans with proven business values to produce opportunities that benefit the property owner, development, and investor companies.

Many good business ideas are left on the drawing board because of the challenges associated with pulling the entire project together. Afffirmative Ventures desires to hear what your business dream is and to see if we can provide services that will make “your vision become a successful business venture!